Solar CITIES "Pickle Barrel Biodigester" at Arava Institute Student Caravan

Solar CITIES' Palestinian Pickle Barrel Biodigester

The Solar CITIES Palestinian Pickle Barrel Biodigester was built at Beit Jala at the Talitha Kumi Evangelic Guest House during the Arava Institute Alumni Conference.  It was dissassembled and brought by bus to the Arava Institute at Kibbutz Keturah near Eilat and commissioned with horse manure and slurry from the Home Biogas system at the Institute. Within 24 hours the 40 liter pickle barrel  had begun to produce gas from approximately 1 liter of food waste each day. It makes a nice student demonstration and is set up behind one of the student caravans.

You can learn more about its construction (parts and pictures) here:


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