Los Angeles 2010

"Flame On" -- Biogas in the 'Hood demonstrated by Alvaro Silva, director of Solar South Central and Los Angeles colleague of Solar CITIES, bringing renewable energy systems to the Latino community.

Alvaro is the "poster-boy" for the success of the "green collar immigrant job training" concept; as a graduate of Trade Tech College's renewable energy program and of T.H. Culhane's early "Eutopia" Class at Jefferson High School in the 1990s where he worked with Culhane on electric and alternative fuel car conversions and green building and solar energy construction. Alvaro worked for Real Goods and for Photovoltaic Installation companies throughout California and now runs his own business in the construction/green retrofit trades and making instructional videos for the hispanic community. He also brings his ideas to his native Mexico to share with his family and friends and engage in community development


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