Solar C³ities is an international non-profit educational organization with the intention of providing an open-source virtual Hackspace for "Biogas Innoventors and Practitioners" and training for all  those researching, developing and deploying sustainable solutions for flourishing societies.

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TH Culhane, Co-founder of Solar C³ITIES, talks about Homescale-Biogas and explains why your support makes a difference.

Solar C³ITIES Projects

Solar C³ities works around the globe "connecting community catalysts integrating technologies for industrial ecology solutions".  We run our own projects and we work on other organization's projects, creating synergies and shepherding symbiosis.   We specialize in the nexus between Natural and Industrial Ecology, looking...

Solar CITIES' Palestinian Pickle Barrel Biodigester

The Solar CITIES Palestinian Pickle Barrel Biodigester was built at Beit Jala at the Talitha Kumi Evangelic Guest House during the Arava Institute Alumni Conference.  It was dissassembled and brought by bus to the Arava Institute at Kibbutz Keturah near Eilat and commissioned with horse manure and slurry from the Home Biogas system at the Institute.

Redding California's first Solar CITIES IBC Tank Biodigester

Working with Peggy and Pat Rebol and Janessa Gans Wilder and family we built this digester in the parking lot of city hall in Redding at the Whole Earth Festival amidst a series of presentations at the festival, at the Turtle Bay Science Museum and at the Methodist Church, and then set it up at the Garden of Hope.


Solar CITIES IBC Biodigester under construction outside the eco-lodge kitchen

Solar CITIES' board members T.H. Culhane and Christopher Lindstrom introduce the Solar CITIES' IBC biodigester system to the Puerta de la Vida Ecolodgie and Retreat Center in San Isidro, Costa Rica, near Miramar, and to the world of sustainable eco-tourism.

This beautiful wood paneled dragon, the fourth basement biodigester we know of in the world, is in West Virginia

Solar CITIES ventures deeper into the sustainable tourism industry with this signature biodigester at the Lone Oak Lodge in West Virginia, and ecotourism destination run by and built with Brock Smith.

Solar CITIES, Envisaj Mercy and Palestinian Polytechnic students build our "refugee camp" IBC based biodigester in a greenhouse at Hakoritna Farm

Solar CITIES, Envisaj Mercy and Palestinian Polytechnic students worked together on January 13 and 14 to  build our "refugee camp" IBC based biodigester in a greenhouse at Hakoritna Farm.  The previous day we had built an identical system, with passive solar heating windows, across the street from Hakoritna farm owner Fayez Odey Taneeb's house in the city.  We also felt it imperative to build...

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