Bring the Solar C³ITIES movement to your community!

We give workshops and presentations around the world to ignite interest in the topics of holistic flourishing development.  For the past half decade we've been focusing on the fundamental position of food-waste-to-fuel-and-fertilizer based biodigesters as the key to sustainability, along with the broader vision of how to create thriving solar cities.  Our co-founder, Dr. T.H. Culhane, an urban planner and college professor who teaches Environmental Sustainability and Justice, is constantly touring the planet acting as what ABC news called "The Green Preacher", bringing the "gospel" of home and community scale urban biodigestion to the world, focusing on  its relation to solar energy, waste management, urban agroforestry and vertical farming solutions and sharing the good news that application of permacultural principles with biogas at its center in the built environment can also help solve larger problems such as deforestation, indoor air pollution, water and pest borne diseases and poverty.  The key message of these presentations is that almost anybody and any community can do it themselves.  Presentations are done in a dynamic way involving art, models, animation and music to activate interest and understanding in  a wide variety of multiple intelligences and audiences.

Other members of our team are also active presenting the Solar C³ITIES vision.  Here are some of the presentations we've done over the past few years.

Solar C³ITIES Presentations Map

Solar C³ITIES Presentations

On New Year's Day, 2017, T.H. Culhane and Enas AbdelRahman presented to facutly staff and students at the Arava Institute on their continued work adapting biodigesters to cold climate situations, as well as a history of how Solar CITIES got started.

Biogas presentation at MIT

On April 6th, 2015, Solar CITIES officers T.H. Culhane, Chris Lindstrom and Tim Laugher presented their vision and history with small scale and household biogas systems at MIT to the MIT Waste Alliance Group at a catered event in lecture hall 4-237.  The response of the students and community members there was enthusiastic.  Culhane performed his Biogas song partially live because of audio technical difficulties which actuallly added to the specialness of the event as it was perhaps the first time MIT students received a technical lecture through song...

Solar CITIES and Envisaj Mercy Team members spoke on a  panel   called “Women and Innovative Approaches for Clean Energy Solutions" that took  place on Wednesday, March 11, from 6:15 to 8:15 pm in the conference room of the UN Foundation (801 Second Ave., 9th floor, at E. 43rd Street).  Co-sponsors of the event were UNA-Southern NYS Division’s Energy Project, ARC Finance, and the Public-Private Alliance Foundation.

~ The Biogas Solution Beyond the MDGs ~~Solar Cooking: Real Change for Women post-MDGs ~~The Impact of Solar Energy on Our Future~

Sponsors: Mercy College, Brahma Kumaris, Solar Cookers International


For Brahma Kumaris:

Denise Scotto, Human Rights Lawyer, Founder, Global Legal Strategies

"...for me, the spiritual is an integral part of my life, and it is not just about working to

advance human rights, and the empowerment of women, youth, and other groups.

On Sunday August 10 at 11:00 am in the Stillsuit Room, Solar CITIES co-founder Culhane led a session on "Open Source and DIY Citizen Science for Sustainable Development: Simple Solutions for Energy, Water and Waste Management".  Throughout the weekend in the demo area  he displayed Solar CITIES brochures, descriptions of our projects and a 220V Insinkerator, a gift of Emerson Electronics, that he was bringing to Swaziland for the biogas for hydroponics system build occuring August 19 through 27 with former Scientific American Science in Action award winners and Google Science Fair finalists

In March of 2014, Solar CITIES' Culhane flew into St. Louis on a night flight from Rio where he was working on his Brazil biogas project with Solar CITIES Solutions, to deliver the keynote address at the Euphrates Institute conference on sustainability and to receive their prestigious "Visionary of the Year" Award. During the keynote he demonstrated the utility and safety of biogas by having a woman from the audience lie down on an air mattress filled with methane which he then used to light LED lamps using a "PowerPot" thermoelectric generator.

On August 4th 2012 Culhane presented some of the Solar CITIES technologies in a session with MIT development specialist Jose Gomez-Marquesz called "DIY and makers as international policy."  TH Culhane  demonstrated "fuel from garbage" and did "an electricity and hydrogen from aluminum demo" showing a 5 LED flashlight he had developed for his trip to Nepal the previous spring (shown in the videos on this page).

In 2012 Dr. T.H. Culhane (Ph.D.)  joined doctors Sven Volkmuth and Christian Kories (MDs!) to build their first Puxin 10m3 biogas system on the island of Palawan and held the first international biogas conference in Palawan

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December of 2011 saw the rhizomal effect of Solar CITIES biogas builds reach ever further -- from a chance encounter in Nairobi to a workshop in Slovakia, within a few months we were in Budapest giving a workshop to see if we could extend the gift of home scale biogas to the Roma -- the gypsies who have been so disenfranchised and abused throughout Eastern Europe.

Culhane met the leaders of the Catholic Development Agency Dobra Novina ( in the Mukuru Slum in Nairobi when we were building our digester for the MAC school.  In September of 2011 they invited him to give a workshop at their retreat in Zazriva.  One of the highlights was the initiation ritural when we were filling the digester tank with manure -- the girls on the team, after a talk about microbiome theory and the idea that God speaks to us trough his Creation, plunged their hands in the cow manure and began