Patrons, Supporters, Donors and Benefactors

We couldn't do what we do without you!

Here we would like to list and thank all* those who have contributed to the Solar C³ITIES mission with your time, effort,  money, opportunities, connections, facilitation, offers of help and support and public and private endorsement.

*still under construction

Janice Kelsey

Kathy Puffer

Jody Spangler

Leo Adler


Sergio Almeida

Marcello Ambrosio

Scientific American

Salah Arafa

Carol Baricovich

Alan Bigelow

Sharon Benheim

Thorsten Besse

Hestia Home Biogas

Tamera Healing Biotope

Alton Byers

Engineer's Without Borders, Palestine

Tito Cals

Andrew Castellano

Kendall Christiansen

Wadi Environmental Science Center

Schweibenalpe Healing Center

Alex Cicelsky

American University in Cairo

Mercy College

Principia College

James Dean Conklin

Insinkerator Corporation

Randall Crane

John and Hind Culhane

The Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Byron DeLear

Mariette DiChristina

Frank and Karen DiMassa

Sundhar Dreyfus

Damanhur Eco-Village

Los Angeles Eco-village

Joyce Edling

Oshik Efrati

Emerson Electronics

Roseville Electric

Cordova Electric

The United States Embassy, Baghdad

The United States Embassy, Cairo

The United States Embassy, Jerusalem

Brothers Engineering, Palestine

The Arava Institute of the Environment

Tony and Lynn Freiji

Helmut and Brigitte Fruetel

The Google Science Fair

Google Science Foo

David Grober

Salah El Haggar

Emily Hosek

David House

Karim Ibrahim

The Aspen Institute

EcoGas Israel

Erez Lanzer

Adam and Emily Lowe

Mary Knopp Kelly

Clay Koplin

Michiko Kuroda

The Euphrates Institute

Frank Finver

Tim Ferry

The Blackstone Ranch Foundation

The Earthshine Foundation

The Ford Foundation

Fillipa's Engel Award Foundation


Don Roberto and Claudia Hernandez

Sundowner Backpacker's Lodge

Mehri Mahardashi

Karin Mayer

Jeff Miller

Ramzy and Sylva Nasrullah

Khalil and Sarah Gauch Nasrullah

The Global Eco-village Network

His Excellency Oluwasegun Obasanjo

Nancy Oliphant

Angel Orozco

Peter and Maria Padua

Susan Poulton

Kibbutz Lotan Green Apprenticeship Program

Solar Punch

Amer Rabayah

Dana Rassas

Victoria Reppert

John Richardson

Hillary Rosner

Michael and Hala Freiji Rostek

Alexander and Gabriela Sayn-Wittgenstein

Mohammed Salem

Kakenya's Dream School

Popular Science

Ted and Pamela Stern


Hans Seidel Stiftung

The National Geographic Society

Palestinian Wildlife Society

Brent Spencer

Pam Spencer

Yair Teller

TechTools 2000

Rebecca Tobias

Adam Trombly

Al Najah University


Katey and Peter Walter Anthony

Warren Weismann

Simon Westermann

Janessa Gans Wilder

Theresa Williamson

Louis Felipe Vasconcellos

Elisa Zazerra

Cheryl Zook

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)