Skala Ecovillage Biogas Build with 4 IBCs for digesters and 2 IBCs for gas capture

After our successful experimentation week at Tamera Ecovillage in Portugal August 2015, Martin Funk and Sandra Ihmhof conducted a biogas buid workshop at the Skala Eco-vilage with Niko who had participated in the builds at Tamera, launching the first of many small scale biogas build opportunities to help Greece attain regional self sufficiency in the wake of the economic crisis.

The full report on the project can be found here:…

Skala Ecovillage in Zagkliveri, Regional Unit Chalkidiki, Greece
The initiative for this Blueprint intervention arose from the GEN+20 summit in Findhorn in July 2015 and shall give an answer to the current crisis in Greece.
The intervention took place during the 'Skala Summer Community Gathering‘ and a 'Network Meeting‘. 40 members of the Skala community and guests participated in the 'Permaculture Design Education‘. Jay Abrahams, Bernd Walter Müller, Martin Funk, Christine Fischer and Sandra Imhof are the team of blueprint for the training and the implementation.
The report consists in a description of the situation, our observation, the given recommendations, the intervention and the education. A short introduction of the principles of the Water Retention Landscape and of biogas technology is given.
Photos of the assessed issues and the intervention are part of the annex.
Links to practical solutions direct to more detailed information.


Building date: August 24 2015

Location: Somewhere near

40.572474, 23.288991